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Covenant Knight Heir
Meredith Knight
x Covenant Karah Moro
foaled 1983 ~ AMHA 93859
bred by David & Barbara Carr, VT
Covenant Knight Heir display

The Willo Pond Morgan Stallions....Covenant Knight Heir

Covenant Knight Heir was our key that opened the door to the wonderful world of Lippitt Morgans. In 1985 we were given the opportunity to purchase two Lippitt Morgan mares and a Lippitt Morgan stallion from a farm in the East. We really wanted the stallion! We had studied Lippitt lines and this stallion seemed to be just what we were looking for. All the arrangements seemed to take forever.

As Morgan Horse Breeders, we were delighted and proud when Covenant Knight Heir (Meredith Knight x Covenant Karah Moro) strutted off that horse trailer. When reading the ideal description of the Morgan horse it does describes CKH: “He has a short back, good loin, short jointed, extremely short cannon bone and fetlocks, wonderfully oblique shoulder, small ears. He has an extremely broad forehead, full eyes that set out prominently. Other qualities are the breadth of his chest, the excellent muscle and bone, his full quarters, long underline, and overall breadth and depth. He never stands a moment when shown to bridle. Yet with all the exuberance of spirit, he is as gentle as a lamb.”

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We had never planned to own a show horse -- but due to CKH’s presence, versatility and talents everyone who visited or saw him exclaimed “You have to show him.” He was young and we knew little about showing a horse, therefore, it was time to find a trainer for him. Together, they worked hard to gain perfection for the show ring. His first show, was the first of many future blue ribbons. Everywhere we went, people would come to his stall and exclaim, “That’s what a Morgan should look like.” CKH had started his show career at small open shows, then Class A shows, and on to winning top ribbons at the Grand National and World Morgan Horse Show. It was always a special honor when he often won the coveted Justin Morgan Class.

CKH had two great trainers. Kelly Mahloch was his first and then Corene Olson took over after Kelly started a family and her own boarding stable. Kelly is an official equine judge and has judged many various horse shows. We would like to give credit where credit is due -- They both loved CKH and spent many hours working, showing and bonding with him.

CKH and his trainer were invited to perform at many special demonstrations. Due to his presence and versatile talents, they performed to a wide variety of audiences around the country.

CKH has proven the versatility of the Morgan horse. Due to training and conditioning, in one show they competed in saddle seat, hunt, western, in hand, driving, trotting race, pulling the log, etc. They won high point stallion, the Justin Morgan Working Award and High Point Show horse.

In 1992, CKH won the prestigious Lippitt of the Year Award.

We have been fortunate to breed CKH to many beautiful mares over the years. To date (2007), he has sired : over 65 beautiful foals . The foals have been outstanding and carry the traits and image of their sire. Many of these foals are now producing foals that carry on this true line of quality Lippitt Morgans. Many of his sons and daughters have won various championships and/or given pleasure to many families.

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Willo Pond Knight Hawk
Wachuset Black Hawk
x A SW Knights Fantasia
foaled 2000 ~ AMHA 152895
bred by Willo Pond Morgans
co-owned and standing with Carl Muia
Willo Pond Knight Hawk

Willo Pond Knight Hawk has the excellent conformation that breeders are searching for. He has a wonderful temperament and people pleasing personality. With his long mane and forelock falling over a gorgeous head with large eye, he has an exciting presence. When he moves he demands your attention. Knight Hawk displays good ground manners and has begun saddle training. In his young show career he is following in the footsteps of his Grand Champion Stallion Sire -- he was award Reserve Grand Champion Stallion. We plan and expect an exciting future for this outstanding stallion.

Knight Hawk will be available for breeding this season. Contact either Lorena Harrold, at: 920 994-9937 or Carl Muia, at: 574-288-0286 Standing at Southold Morgans, Indiana

Wachuset Black Knight
Cantieglen Eclipse
x Wachuset Lady Ash
foaled 2001
bred by Grace Yaglou, MA
Wachuset Black Knight    

Beautiful, elegant and talented young stallion… he moves as free as the wind. Due to his high-percentage Lippitt Morgan breeding, he has a strong, solid structured body, with longer neck and clean jowl line, long large flat bone legs that move well under him. He has a beautiful refined head, large black eyes topped with a long heavy forelock and mane. Top ribbon show records include classes: In-hand conformation, sport horse, hunt seat, Justin Morgan Versatility, log pulling and currently dressage training. He has a kind, gentle and people-loving disposition. WBK’s foals carry on his proud heritage, great qualities and are already winners in the show ring. He captures the heart and admiration of everyone who sees him. Breeding your mares to WBK will enhance your breeding program and produce the foal you have been striving for.

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Provided as a bonus for stallions ads taken with the Lippitt Morgan Breeders' Association, the following printable pages provide pedigree and other breeding information for each of our stallions at stud. Please click on the Adobe Acrobat PDF file links listed below. NOTE: Each file is large (350-500k) and formatted for color printing.

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