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e would like to refer our viewers to other websites or places where they can find more helpful information about Morgans, Lippitt Morgans, horse health issues and other items of interest.

While we try to keep our links current, these target websites may change or become invalid over time.

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  • American Morgan Horse Association, Inc.
  • Lippitt Morgan Breeders' Association, Inc.
  • The Lippitt Club, Inc. (one of the LC websites)
  • Wisconsin Morgan Horse Club
  • Currier Compound, Vermont
  • Imperial Morgans, Vermont
  • Menora Morab & Morgan Stud, Australia
  • Pure Gold Morgans, Michigan
  • Seay Farm, Ontario, Canada
  • Thornapple Farms, Ohio
  • bnbloop, a bed and breakfast directory

  • Many thanks to Betsy, who purchased Willo Pond Knight Traveller,
    for creating these lovely portraits of Traveller and CKH.
    oil paintings of Lippitt Morgans


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    Lippitt Morgan stallion Covenant Knight Heir out for a fun ride

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